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Product Tabs (Multi-Language, Responsive, 12 styles)

Module Compatibility for Prestashop 1.6 Module Compatibility for Prestashop 1.7

Prestashop module Product Tabs (Multi-Language) is a good way to make your store look modern.
Once installed this product tabs module is a great way to make happy your customers, search engines and you!

The Product Tabs (Multi-Language) for Prestashop makes your product details page more attractive.
Shows your product details in a nice tabbed manner.

Search engines are happy as they index all description of your products in tabs with no problem. No worries that any information will be ignored.

You are happy as there is no extra coding for tabs structure – once installed this module will create tabs  for your products.



Select 12 Tab styles:

1. Standart Tabs
2. Left Side Tabs
3. Right Side Tabs
4. Left Vertical Tabs
5. Right Vertical Tabs
6. Stacked Left Tabs
7. Stacked Right Tabs
8. Pill Tabs
9. Left Stacked Pill Tabs
10. Right Stacked Pill Tabs
11. Accordion Tabs
12. Two Columns Accordion Tabs


- Admin can add new product tab

- Admin can edit product tabs

- Editing tab content, using WYSIWYG editor

- Admin can delete product tabs

- Admin can set status the product tab


- Admin can change Position Tabs item

- Adding tabs to the product page

- Create an unlimited number of tabs for any product. 


- Add Product Tab content when administrator edit/add new Product


- Select custom products

- Select all products in custom category


- Support MultiStore

- You can choose the shop to which related the Tab item, as well as language



Fixed CSS bug in order to "youtube videos" in the product tabs displayed responsive




Fixed CSS bug in order to correctly display tabs on the mobile view




Fixed bug to ajax call to receive productsList - only for Prestashop below versions




Fixed bug to ajax call to receive productsList - only for Prestashop
Updated Installation_Guid.pdf




Updated Installation_Guid.pdf
Fixed 500 error when accessing the module's tab in the admin panel




Fixed bug: when admin edit a tab via edit product and this tab is also linked to other products then that tab disappears with those other products.




Fixed bug only for Prestashop 1.7.x.x , when admin edits product and try edit product tab in the field Content always appears content related with Title




Fixed CSS bugs in the module settings only for Prestashop 1.7.x.x




Changed length of field "content" from "TEXT" to "LONGTEXT" in mysql table ps_prodtabs_data




Added function: If you put in your browser URL (with anchor) - tab will be opened
Changed design for option: Where to display = Products in selected categories (only for Prestashop 1.6.x.x and Prestashop 1.7.x.x)




Fixed bug for displayed product tabs only for mobile devices
Updated readme.pdf



Compatibility with Prestashop 1.7.x.x
Added new Tab Style : None
Fixed minor CSS bugs




Improve the translations of the module




Fixed bug for highload mysql query in the admin panel Catalog -> Product Tabs




Fixed bug, when product page have more than one installed modules in product tabs


Free Updates:

Module Version 1.6.6
Prestashop Compatibility 1.6.x, 1.7.x
Core modifications required No
Translations available DutchEnglishFrenchGermanyItalyPortugueseSpain
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